1 Oil for Skin and Hair- Physician's Formula Argan Wear Oil Review

Monday, 3 August 2015

I am a huge fan of using oils in my hair and skincare routines! I have been using oil to cleanse my face in the mornings and double cleanse at night time and it has made a significant difference in my skin condition, especially as my skin is terribly fussy (read about my skin woes here). But that's for another post.

Some months ago I received a beautiful package from Physician's Formula, including their new and popular Argan Wear line (product overview here). I have been using this Argan oil consistently since and have tried it on both my skin and hair. 

"100% Pure Argan Oil, known as "liquid gold" for this its rich conditioning benefits, can improve skin's brightness, tone, texture and elasticity. Weightless multi-tasking miracle combines the benefits of a moisturizer, primer, brightener, protector & treatment in one! Use on face, body, hair, & nails. This magical ingredient from Morocco transforms skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines, brightening dull skin and renewing suppleness, helping to enhance skin's youthful looking glow without ever leaving a greasy feel or finish."- PF website

I have used half the bottle, an accomplishment for a beauty blogger! The oil comes in a 30mL glass bottle which is around the height of my palm. I took these photos outside and was so entranced with how pretty the bottle looked in the sunlight. Isn't it gorgeous? 

The twist top and eyedropper application is so convenient, hygienic and precise. I remember using the original Moroccan oil years ago where you had to pour out the thick oil onto your palm and it would get all over the bottle, blegh it was just so messy! This is much better and I like to count the number of drops to squirt out. 3 drops to moisturise my face and 5 drops for my hair after washing. Less if I apply it on dry hair.

The oil is a pale yellow and very thin and runny in consistency, making it really easy to spread on the skin and hair. I prefer thin oils to heavy ones as they tend to absorb into my skin faster. 

I used this oil as a facial cleanser (after removing makeup) and moisturiser. I simply massage the oil onto my dry face, sometimes you can feel the gross plugs coming out of your skin! Then I rinse off with lukewarm water, leaving some oil on my face. If my skin feels dry after a few minutes, I pat in another 2-4 drops of oil. 

I was using jojoba oil as a cleanser prior to this Argan oil and I found the jojoba drying and clogging for my skin which is weird because it is supposed to be non-clogging and more suited to dry skin! My skin was happier with the Argan oil and I found it absorbed much better and was not as drying, plus it made my skin silky soft. Then I found out about acne prone skin and linoleic acid (read this amazing post to find out more) and it turns out both jojoba and argan oil are balanced in linoleic/oleic acid ratio, when those with acne prone skin should be using oils high in linoleic acid! 

Overall I used the Argan oil on my face for 2 weeks, morning and night and although it was better than the jojoba oil, it wasn't the best suited to my acne prone skin, so I ended up switching to hemp seed oil. However, I still love using Argan oil as a hair treatment on days when I am due to wash my hair. The lightness is great because it doesn't make my hair look 'wet' and oily like other oil treatments. I can actually get away with pulling it up into a top knot and venture into public! 

See! It doesn't look oily despite being dirty plus having a generous amount of Argan oil in it. I also run a few drops of it through my damp hair after washing it and it helps to reduce frizz and keeps my ends happy. My hair is naturally dry and quite fussy, but it loves this Argan oil! 

Overall the PF Argan oil works best for me as a hair product. If you have non acne prone skin, I would give this a go on your face! As for the body, I feel like the oil is too precious to be used all over hehe. 

Please tell me your experiences with oils in your skincare and haircare routines!

*This product was gifted and I chose to review it of my own accord. All opinions are 100% honest.

Maxlook SCL Choco Silicone Hydrogel Review

Thursday, 30 July 2015

I received this super comfy choco lens along with the grey version (review here) from Klenspop. They are both made of silicone hydrogel, which allows 5 times more oxygen to circulate to the eyes compared to normal lenses. These are a great pick for people with sensitive eyes, if you cannot wear regular circle lenses, I would recommend giving these a try as the comfort level is fantastic. 

The SCL choco lenses and bonus case cost $33 USD, which is a bit more expensive than usual circle lenses, but that's because these are made of silicone hydrogel. Plus you can use my code 
'KINE KSGK1SV1' for 10% off!

Diameter: 14mm (graphic diameter)
BC: 8.8mm
6 month wear
Origin: Korea
Material: silicone hydrogel

The lens looks just like a thin, translucent contact with a natural gradient brown pattern. 

I like the look of these lenses, but you can see the black ring of my natural iris through the lens, giving it a double ring look. This is only really apparent at close range though. The lens is a nice dark brown and there is not much variation in colour so they are quite flat, just like real brown eyes. There is no dark limbal ring and they are so natural looking that I doubt anyone will know you are wearing contacts. They still manage to make my eyes look bigger and brighter although the enlarging effect is minimal.

As with all lenses, the right one slips due to my astigmatism. It never affects my vision though.

Overall, I like the choco better than the grey pair! I can easily wear these for 6-8 hours at a time and can wear them daily, as they are suitable for work and clinic. I just feel so much more attractive when I'm wearing circle lenses and it gives me such a confidence boost without feeling self conscious, because I know most people don't know these are not my real eyes!

If you're looking for a natural, amazingly comfortable lens, or have sensitive eyes, try these from Klenspop. You can't go wrong. 

*I was gifted these lenses for review. All my opinions are 100% honest.

Skinfood Royal Honey Mask for Dry Skin Review

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hello all! I would like to introduce you to a new Korean cosmetics and skincare online store called Q-depot. They are based in Hong Kong and stock an extensive selection of Kbeauty products at a reasonable price. Their customer service is amazing and their staff always keep in touch with me and respond to my emails within one day. They also offer live chat and will respond to any email enquiries in 24 hours! 

"An exfoliating mask with royal black honey and royal jelly extracts that sloughs away dead skin cells and transforms rough skin into a nice honey-glazed complexion. Royal Black Honey is natural raw black honey from South Asian forests, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites."

I chose the Skinfood Royal Honey mask to review because I am a big fan of honey in skincare products and peeling products.  I often use raw honey as a face mask and it's great, but it is quite thick and sticky and gets in my hair! This mask goes a step above honey and uses royal black honey and royal jelly extract in its formula. Both royal jelly and honey are well known to be moisturising and healing and products containing these ingredients are usually suited to dry skin. 

The packaging is plastic, but quite sturdy and just look at that creamy yellow colour! Looks delicious.

I really appreciate the pump top after spending months scooping raw honey out of a tub with my fingers! There is a little clip to lock the pump in case you want to travel with the product, and also keeps it safe in postage. 

Apply a quarter-sized amount evenly to the face and massage gently.
Leave on for 10 minutes until the texture turns watery. Massage in gentle circular motions until clumps of cellulose granules and impurities appear. 
Wipe off and cleanse with a foaming cleanser.

The product loses the pastel yellow colour when it's spread over the skin and becomes completely clear and shiny. The texture is of medium thickness and is watery enough to spread over the skin super easily, but without any dripping whatsoever. It remains wet on the face but is more watery than sticky. It smells light and sweet, like a fresh, slightly perfumed honey.

What's strange about this product is that I simply cannot get any granules or lumps to appear when I massage it into my face or hand! Maybe I apply it too thinly? Maybe I don't have any dead skin cells? Regardless, it feels nice to give my face a quick lifting massage every time I use this product which is around 3 times a week. It feels incredibly gentle and I think you could use it every day as a quick morning mask or cleanser. After rinsing the mask off with water, my skin definitely feels soft and hydrated, just as it does after a raw honey mask. I have dry, acne prone (for hormonal reasons) skin and this mask is a great fit for my skin at the moment. I know my acne is caused by my hormones so I am not expecting any topical product to change my skin condition drastically.

Ultimately, this mask is super gentle and softening, good for dry skin types. The packaging is cute too! Thumbs up on this one, although it doesn't smash the ball out of the park.

You can purchase the Skinfood Royal Honey mask for $15.26USD here.

Are you guys fans of honey products?

*This product was gifted for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

The Blush Addict Tag!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

So the lovely Sharlynn (her blog is amazing!) tagged me to do the blush addict tag ages ago, and I am always so honoured that I get tagged by other bloggers (thank you for thinking of me!) so here is my much belated post. Now I am not really a blush kinda girl- I have that 'thing' where no matter what color the blush is, they all tend to look similar on my yellow skin tone. Heck, some days I don't even wear blush! Not sure if I qualify to be a beauty blogger anymore haha. 

Below is a run through of my entire blush collection, which is really very very small!

1. What colour blush suits you the most?
Everything ends up looking peachy coral on my skin, so I guess that's a good indicator of what colour suits me the most!

Nature Republic Shine Blossom Blusher in 1. Nude
2. Pressed/cream/loose blush?
Pressed just makes life so much easier. I must mention that this is only the case for light-medium pigmented blushes, as I find highly pigmented powdery blushes a pain to apply! I have never tried a loose blush and have only tried 2 or 3 cream blushes, one of which was a winner.

3. Favourite shimmery blush?
I don't really own many shimmery blushes, I leave the shimmer to highlighters!

4. Favourite matte blush?
Australis Paparazzi HD blush in Screen Siren, which is also my all time favourite blush! They don't make it any more boo, because I love everything about this blush from the huge mirror, the medium pigmentation and easy texture to work with and the lovely coral colour which makes my face look beautifully sculpted. 

A very dirty (sorry) Australis Paparazzi HD blush in Screen Siren
5. Favourite cream blush?
Easily Stylenanda 3CE's creamy blush stick in Pink Factory.

Stylenanda 3CE's creamy blush stick in Pink Factory
6. Favourite drugstore blush?
...All of my blushes are drugstore haha, so see question 4.

7. Favourite high-end blush?
When I have the funds to start purchasing high-end blushes (let alone products in general!) I will let you guys know. It will be a big moment!

8. Favourite bright blush?
None of my blushes are super bright, but I suppose it would have to be Physician's Formula Argan Wear blush in Rose.

Physician's Formula Argan Wear blush in Rose
9. Biggest blush disappointment/regret?
Any blush that turns out to be super pigmented and powdery because I end up looking like a clown! I remember being really disappointed with a Sleek blush I picked up many years ago for this reason, which I have since thrown out.

10. Best blush packaging?
Hands down Physician's Formula Argan Wear blushes and bronzers. So beautiful and very Instagram friendly haha.

11. What's on your blush wish list?
Nothing. I am surviving on $60 a week so a new blush really isn't on the cards at the moment #studentlyfe.

12. Number 1 holy grail blush?
See question 4!

And here are all the rest of my blushes for your enjoyment!

Physician's Formula pH Matchmaker Blush
The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher in 03
Physician's Formula Argan Wear Blush in Natural
Canmake Glow Fleur Blush in 03
Canmake Glow Fleur Blush in 04
I actually really like these last two blushes by Canmake. Most of the reviews online say these blushes are not pigmented enough, but if you use them with the supplied brush (the only time I have ever said that!), they apply so smoothly and are more pigmented, and really give my cheeks a beautiful glow from within.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at my very tiny blush collection! These days I have been really enjoying the Saem blush, mostly because I like the feeling of pressing the powder puff on my face... Yep simple pleasures. As you can tell, I am really not a 'blush person'.

I tag Hao from Haodoyoungo, Laven from Berries in the Snow, Jenny from Itsmeeejennyy. And any of you guys reading this! Please leave me a comment below if you do it so I can read it! Here are the questions:

1. What colour blush suits you the most?
2. Pressed/cream/loose blush?
3. Favourite shimmery blush?
4. Favourite matte blush?
5. Favourite cream blush?
6. Favourite drugstore blush?
7. Favourite high-end blush?
8. Favourite bright blush?
9. Biggest blush disappointment/regret?
10. Best blush packaging?
11. What's on your blush wish list?
12. Number 1 holy grail blush?

Have a fabulous week guys! 

Maxlook SCL 24 Gray Silicone Hydrogel Circle Lens Review

Monday, 20 July 2015

Apologies for my short hiatus, I am currently still studying for my exams but today I have let myself take some time out to put up this circle lens review! The lovely girls at Klenspop generously sent me over 2 lenses to try out from a new brand (to me) called SCL. I received a gray pair and a choco pair and I love them both because they look so natural on me. If you can't tell by now, I gravitate to natural lenses because they look the best with my features- I cannot pull off lenses that are too large or too bold!

The SCL gray lenses and bonus case cost $33 USD, which is a bit more expensive than usual circle lenses, but that's because these are made of silicone hydrogel. Plus you can use my code 
'KINE KSGK1SV1' for 10% off!

Diameter: 13.5mm (graphic diameter)
BC: 8.8mm
6 month wear
Origin: Korea
Material: silicone hydrogel

FYI, silicone hydrogel contact lenses are advanced soft lenses that allow more oxygen to pass through to the cornea than regular hydrogel lenses.In fact, silicone hydrogel lenses enable up to five times more oxygen to reach the cornea than regular hydrogel lenses making them the more comfortable choice!

Every pair of lenses comes neatly packaged in a pretty box with a lens case and tweezers inside. 

Choco and gray.

A comparison of the lens color. The choco review will be up next week!

The lenses are super comfortable to insert and have not given me any trouble for over 6 hours. They do show a lot of my brown iris through the centre of the lens, so it looks like only the rim is grey coloured. With the darkness of my eyes plus the dark grey lens, these lenses could almost pass for a natural black lens. There is hardly any enlargement factor, thus I would consider these as more of a coloured lens than a circle lens.

Overall, these lenses are perfect if you are looking for an everyday dark grey or black lens that is super comfortable and natural looking in the eyes. Keep in mind that there is hardly any enlargement factor though. 

I have also read on other blogs that silicone hydrogel lenses may actually make your cornea more sensitive at first, due to the increased oxygen supply (weird huh)! It may take a couple of days for this feeling to subside and then they should feel normal. Just something to keep in mind.

Have you tried silicone hydrogel lenses before? What was your experience?

*These lenses were gifted for review. All my opinions are 100% honest.

SANA Pore Putty BB Cream Smooth (as a Primer) Review

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

If you live in Asia, you might have seen the Japanese brand SANA around, especially their most famous product, Pore Putty! I bought the SANA Pore Putty BB cream on my most recent Japan trip, and I can't remember how much it cost, but you can buy it from Ebay for $23 AUD (I definitely paid a lot less).

I don't normally use primer because I have dry skin, but recently it feels like everyone has been raving on about the importance of primers so I dug this one out of my stash to review. I do have the SANA original Pore Putty primer and didn't think it was that great, so this time I tried my luck and bought the BB cream hoping that it would save me time as it contains primer + BB cream in one step. 

From what I can see online, SANA has 3 types of liquid BB cream products: Smooth, Enrich and Original. At the time of purchase, all I could read were those 3 words because everything else was written in Japanese. Now I see that Smooth is for oily/combo skin and Enrich is for dry skin. Noooo! I purchased the wrong type for my skin condition! So please keep that in mind as you read this review.

The packaging is a simple squeeze tube in a lovely baby blue colour. The print is in metallic gold which looks beautiful, but is quite hard to photograph so apologies for the very reflective images. There is 30g of product in the tube. I also like the thin nozzle which helps keep the opening and lid very clean.

It sure looks like a pigmented BB cream at first, but to my disappointment it turns translucent when blended out. I do not think anyone can possibly use this product as a BB cream, to me it can only be used as a primer. It has a very silicone-y, silky formula that can be spread thinly across the skin, and leaves it feeling dry to the touch, very powdery and silky smooth. 

I photographed my nose and forehead right in between my eyebrows as those are the problem pore areas for me. My skin is getting better, but is currently dehydrated and flaky despite skipping washing my face in the morning. As the day goes on it remains flakey, but produces lots of oil underneath, lucky me. All in all, it's the perfect recipe for cakey makeup. 

As you can see, in the before photos my skin does not look dry at all. In fact it even looks oily! You can really see the uneven skin tone and pores on my forehead especially.

After the SANA BB Cream
Wearing only the primer fills in all my pores nicely and the oily sheen is taken away. The pores on my nose are practically invisible now! My skin feels and looks much smoother and a little less red, which shows that the 'BB cream' provides minimal coverage. It looks promising right?

After Foundation
Here's where it all goes downhill. As soon as I put on my least cakey foundation (Loreal True Match), painstakingly warmed up and applied with my fingers, you can see every single flake on my face that didn't exist before. Enlarge the pictures to grasp the full extent of what occurs on my face. My nose is not that noticeable, but the cakiness on my forehead is terrible and very obvious in real life. 

Obviously, this product is not made for dry skin, so keep that in mind as you read this review. It showed so much promise though! It feels wonderfully light on my face and fills in my pores perfectly, however simply does not work when any BB cream/foundation is applied over it. Normally my foundation does cake when applied over my bare skin, but not as badly as this. 

I'd say this is a great pick for oily skin, as shown by its number #1 Cosme Japan ranking. I would like to try the Enrich version, however Pore Putty is known for the silicone, silky texture of their primers and I am worried that it will provide the same result. 

Does anyone know of any primers for dry, flaky skin? Please help me!