Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pony x MeMebox Palette (Rave) Review!

I remember seeing Filia from My Sugar Coffee review this palette months ago when it was only available in Korea. I wanted it so badly because I love Pony! Yes... That was enough reason for me to buy the palette *guilty eyes*.

When Memebox announced that the palette was available for purchase last month I ordered one immediately. Together with shipping it cost $25 AUD and is well worth the price!

"Filled with warm, beautiful nudes that can be layered on to create a variety of looks, this palette features an exclusive selection of pigment-rich, matte, glossy, shimmery and sparkly eye shadows for creating show-stopping eyes"

The shadows are made with nutrient rich oils which allow the pigment to adhere to the skin and prevent flaking.

The packaging is pink, black and pretty funky looking!

The palette itself is quite plain and chic and both the interior and exterior remind me of Sleek's palettes. I for one like plain and mature packaging in eye shadow palettes! It would have been a nice touch to have 'Pony' in pink as it is on the box though.

Tadahhh! Isn't it beautiful? Look how large the pans of eyeshadows are! And that huge mirror. Also note that you get two double ended sponge applicators/brushes in the set. Surprisingly I actually use these and find them to be of nice quality. They are perfect for blending shades on the lower lash line.

Easy Base, Easy Shadow, Easy Charcoal, Easy Brown.
The 4 colours on the left are termed #Easy shadows. They are matte colours perfect for creating depth to the eyes both smoky and neutral looks. I love that the browns have ashy undertones.

Shine Rosegold, Shine Gold, Glam Expresso, Glam Cocoa
 The top row is termed #Shine and comprises of sultry colours that deliver shimmer and shine. I was expecting a wet shine look, but they really just look shimmery.

The second row is #Glam and are supposedly glitter shadows. Personally I don't see much difference between Shine and Glam- they both come off as shimmer shadows to me. See below for the website swatches.

My absolute favourite shades are Easy Shadow, Easy Brown, Glam Expresso and Glam Cocoa! The Easy shades are absolutely perfect to use as nose and cheekbone contour shades on my yellow skin tone. They have a greyish tone to them which makes them much more natural looking than the usual orange/brown toned bronzers on the market. I adore how natural looking they are. If these shades were sold separately as contour shades in a big pan, I would purchase them!

Shine Rosegold on the browbone
Glam Expresso and Glam Cocoa on the lid
Easy Brown, Easy Shadow and Easy Charcoal the blend out the crease and lower lash line

The shadows are hard, yet silky and pick up well with a brush. You can definitely tell that they contain oils because they don't kick up much dust and I rarely need to tap excess product off. As I said before, they don't swatch well on an unprimed arm, but on eyelids (which secrete oil), they adhere extremely well. I don't have a problem with eyeshadows creasing on my eyelids, but I do have a problem with lower lash line shadows smudging. After 6 hours of wear I noticed some very slight unevenness in the edges of my lower shadows which were easily pushed back into place with a finger.

Pigmentation is moderate, which actually makes it much easier to blend and build your look rather than highly pigmented shadows where you are at higher risk of making mistakes.

All the shadows blend easily and I have to give more credit to the Easy shades which are AMAZING for blending and create that beautiful gaussian blur effect to the edges of your eye makeup.

My only complaint is that the glitter is not very evident in the Glam shades, and after hours of wear it is barely noticeable and only looks slightly shimmery at best.

Look how natural Easy Brown looks as a contour shade! I simply dab my blush brush into the pan and apply it to my hollows.

I also used Easy Shadow as a subtle nose contour and Easy Base as a nose and cheekbone highlight.

Here's how Pony's palette performs on the eyes, nose and cheeks in a neutral smokey look.

Check out the gaussian blur effect on my eyes! It's all about shade selection... I seriously can't rave more about how much I love Easy Shadow and Easy Brown. 

Or can I!

I think you can tell how much I love this palette already. 

This palette contains matte, shine and glitter(?) shades that can be appropriately used on the eyes, cheeks and nose. I have never had an eyeshadow palette that contains the right shades or has large enough pans to be able to do this. Furthermore, the shade selection is so versatile and can be used to create neutral or smoky looks. I have been using this every day since I received it and am going to take it travelling with me!

Verdict: Yes, you need this palette.

*I purchased this item with my own money and reviewed it because I wanted to.

Monday, 15 December 2014

The Jolly Blogger Award

Thank you Jenny from ItsmeeeJennyy for tagging me! I love tags and usually always do them if I'm nominated. This one is super cute and fun!

Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Christmas Day! I have never opened them Christmas Eve... Christmas day would be so boring without the extended family gathering and opening of presents. Besides, these days I would probably struggle staying up until midnight haha.

Favorite Christmas song?

Not too much a fan of Christmas songs, but I like Oh Holy Night and the Drummer boy song. I always cuddle my pomeranian and sing 'pom pom pom' to that tune. Not a crazy pomeranian lady at all....

Favorite Holiday movie?

None, I think they are all cheesy. Coming from the girl who loves musicals!

Favorite Christmas decoration?

Gingerbread houses! The next time I am home for Xmas, I will make one! Mmmm I love gingerbread.

Favorite Christmas food?

In Australia it's usually super hot every Xmas- I'm talking around 40 degrees! So we have iced seafood. I love crayfish and shrimp! I'm not a huge fan of hams.

Favorite holiday/winter drink?

Our holidays are in Summer time, so that would be homemade iced green tea sweetened with agave. My favourite winter drink is hands down earl grey tea with soy milk! If I'm out at a cafe I will always get a chai latte with soy though.


Snow or no snow?

I have only seen snow once and that was in Hakuba, Japan. It was very pretty but uncomfortable. Or maybe that's because I was falling over every 3 seconds during my snowboarding attempts. So no snow. Ironically I will be skiing in Korea over Xmas this year!

Do you send out cards or no cards?

I really should! But I'm never organised enough.

Do you secretly still believe in Santa Claus?

No. Believing in the generosity and love of your friends and family is much better!

Your favourite winter clothing item?

BEANIES! I got this one from H&M.

One beauty product you cannot be without this winter?

My Pevonia dry skin cream. It worked wonders for my dry skin this year. A must try for those girls whose dry flakes will not dissipate!

Best Christmas memory?

Spending Xmas in Singapore when I was a child with my Dad's side of the family who I only get to see every two years. Although some of us don't speak the same language, that feeling of familial love is there and I feel safe. All the extended family comes over and we would open presents after lunch and all the children would play together! I had a bad childhood and I remember feeling true joy when I spent Xmas in Singapore. I have never looked forward to Xmas as much since those days. 

I tag:

Thanks for reading! Please do the tag if you read this!

Friday, 12 December 2014

BornPretty Mrui Gold 6 Color Eyeshadow Palette Review

When I got home from India, there were a few goodies waiting for me including this Mrui 6 Color Eyeshadow Palette from BornPretty! I actually picked this item around 2-3 months ago and forgot that it was coming because it had been so long- apparently the Xmas season has really slowed the shipping process.

This 6 colour eyeshadow palette costs $5.99 and I chose #06. Don't forget to use my discount code:
for 10% off site-wide!

The box and compact is quite flashy and sturdy. It doesn't look cheap, but I am not a fan of the shiny gold surface which shows finger marks and reminds me of an old lady.

Back view. You can choose from 2 colour combos- 06 which contains pink tones or 08 which contains more purple tones.

Comparison to the size of my hand. You can see the finger marks ick!

I was really pleased to see that none of the colours had cracked during the long shipping process and that the mirror is high quality and large! There is no space wasted in the palette, except for the slot for the sponge applicator (does anyone ever use these?) and the colours all tesselate nicely together. Personally I really like this design! If only the outer packaging were a bit more young and modern, it would be perfect.

To make things easier, I have numbered the eye shadows going clockwise. I was most excited to use colours 2 and 5 because I don't have anything similar in my collection- I usually gravitate towards bronze, neutral palettes. 

To my dismay 2, 3 and 4 swatched completely different to how they looked in the pan! As soon as I started swatching, I realised that there is a glitter spray finish on the surface of the shadows that is a different colour to the actual eyeshadow (which is still shimmery btw). Here is a breakdown of what each colour looks like:

1: Bright shimmer white, looks the same in pan and in swatch.
2: Dark dusty brown, looks completely different to the rich purple in the pan. Disappointing.
3: Navy shimmer blue, appears brighter than in the pan.
4: Medium bronze, loses the lovely rose tinge seen in the pan.
5: Rosey mauve, looks the same in pan and in swatch.
6: Shimmery white with a pink tinge, appears much whiter than the pink seen in the pan.

I was disappointed that the eyeshadows looked so different when they are used, but I managed to create a very pretty look with this palette regardless! My favourite colour is definitely number 5, so this look centred around it.

I used 6 on the inner third of my lids, 5 on the outer two thirds and blended it all out with 4.
On my lower lash line I used 6 and 5 on the inner parts and smoked out the sides with 3. 

I'm using my favourite daily lashes also from BornPretty! The review can be found here.

I found the eyeshadows very silky and blendable, comparable to Urban Decay shadows but with some slight fallout. They do kick up dust as you swipe your brush through them so make sure to tap off the excess powder. Pigmentation wise, the shadows show up well on my skin and the colour pops more if you pat it on with a brush. I think the colours will pop even more on a paler complexion! I was surprised at how well these cool tones suited my tanned skin- usually I end up looking quite sickly. The combination of colours work well together and you can create many versatile looks from this palette as it contains both warm and cool tones.

The eye look makes me look so innocent and girly! My eyes look so big here. 

Overall, $5.99 sure is a bargain for the quality and presentation of this palette. However, my major complaint is that the actual shadows are very different to those in the pan. It is always off-putting when what you see is not what you get. The packaging could be improved too- a simp black would be much nicer!

Find the Mrui palette here at BornPretty and check out their awesome range of affordable products!

*This product was gifted for review, however all my opinions are 100% honest.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Travel with Me! India 2014, the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort

I'M BACK! It feels like a month since I left and after experiencing India, I must say I am so grateful for everything I have at home. This was my third volunteer trip and I have been to many third world countries, but I have to say India was definitely the most challenging. I'll explain more on my volunteer posts. This post is about the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort!

All the Chiropractic students minus 1. 
We arrived in Deli after hellish flights and only got 1 day to do touristy things before jetting off to Siliguri to do our work. By hellish flight I mean everything that could go wrong went wrong!

1. Our group of 7 almost didn't make it onto our Perth --> Singapore flight because there was a random $8 surcharge on our tickets which doubled every time they tried to remove it.
2. Some of us exchanged money into Rupees in Singapore before finding out it is illegal for foreigners to take Rupees into India (silly or what?!) and then had to fight the money exchange ladies to change it back.
3. One of us wasn't allowed to check in to the Singapore --> Delhi flight because he didn't have a photo of his Mum's credit card which paid for his ticket.
4. We lost our luggage in transit and had a panic attack whilst we scanned the whole lost and found area before someone found them discarded next to the luggage collection train.

Stressful much?! I have never had such an issue getting onto planes before!

The next day we spent a lot of time cooped up on a bumpy tour bus and let's just say that was the first time I have ever seen someone spew out the window of a moving vehicle. 

This is our travel group of 7 out at dinner after finally making it to a restaurant in Delhi. We have been through so much together. We got fully ripped off by a guy on the street who pointed us to this restaurant which sucked and had a different menu for foreigners which must have been quadruple the price of what locals pay. Yanto ended up paying $40 AUD for his meal! By the way, every restaurant will charge you 30% tax which is only evident when the bill comes out. So be prepared.

Oh and the trains. You literally have to push and sprint both in and out of the train along with waves of people. I got separated from everyone else getting on the train (I must learn to shove harder!) and Yanto had to fight his way out of the train to stay with me till the next train. Thank God he did because you don't want to be female and alone in Delhi where there is a rape every 30 minutes!

Ok onto some more positive things! The next photos are from the Taj Mahal. Foreigners are charged 70 times the rate locals are charged to see it. However you do get to go into priority queues which is great because the place is mega crowded. Check out the hoards of people below!

First glimpse of the Taj.

Isn't it beautiful? It's glory has faded throughout the years (it was finished in 1648), but it's still a wonder. 

Long story short, Prince Khurram had three wives and his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal was his favourite. She bore him 13 children whilst his first and second wives bore none. His first two wives got gates erected in their honour, Mahal got the Taj built in her honour. Sooo... Have lots of kids? :P

The towers are built at a slight incline away from the main building. In case of an earthquake, they will fall away from the dome, rather than onto it!

These details are all around the Taj. They are not painted, each colour is made up of small pieces of gem stones, all tessellated together perfectly to make the pattern, similar to a mosaic!

The surface is perfectly smooth to most people, but not for sensitive chiropractic fingertips ;).

You are not allowed to take photos inside, but I snuck one anyway. It was very dark and eerie -__-. 

Everyone has to wear little shoe scrubs before stepping on the marble!

Overall, the Taj was beautiful and once told the process and the work that went into it, I was in awe. However the large crowds, noisiness and the beggars crowding the entrance were negatives. Tip- don't give the beggars anything, the money apparently goes towards the Indian Mafia.

Next up was Agra Fort! It is basically a red walled city and is huge inside. It's made of red sand stone and marble. 

One of my favourite photos! I'm laughing at something or rather whilst a whole group of locals are taking selfies with our friend Alan (the selfie king) in the background. "They never seen an Asian before or what?"

I love the look of old buildings.

Looks like a game of thrones setting!

The end of a long long day. Actually not quite the end. Next we were taken to a seedy carpet maker who took us into a basement where 10 men aggressively tried to sell us Persian carpets. It was hard to escape from the grasp but we finally left before realising we'd left one of our number behind. Oh India, such memories!

Have you ever been to India? Is it a place on your travel list?

At this point, despite the attractions, I don't think I will go back.