Too Cool for School Skinny Body Soda Review

Thursday, 2 July 2015

I have an interesting review for you today on the Too Cool for School Skinny Body Soda, courtesy of Bntnews. I love trying out new products, however some genres don't excite me much and unfortunately the 'slimming' category is one of them.

Carbonated water meets gel for a new bubble experience! The soda dispenses in the form of an airy bubbly foam and contains patented ingredients that helps construct a slimmer body line. It provides a cooling sensation which instantly reduces cellulite and swelling whilst soothing and improving firmness. The patented tightening ingredient is called 'slimlite', which is known for its elastic properties. These claims are apparently backed up by clinical trials.

Usually I love Too Cool for School's packaging, but I'm not a fan of this one. It's not quirky or cute, but is just plain.. sexy. This photo is taken with the edge of the box in the middle, so the body is split in half when you look at the sides straight on- a bit of an optical illusion!

Even the barcode is sexy! 

The can inside has the same print as box. Instructions are to shake the can more than 10 times before dispensing onto your palm and rubbing into your skin.

This product taught me that not all foams are created equally! The pressure is very high inside the can and once the foam is dispensed it snaps, crackles and pops very violently and sounds similar to throwing water into a hot, oily pan. I was expecting a silky hair mousse texture! When I rub it into my skin, the foam feels very stiff, as if it is resisting my force and pushing my hand away from my body. It does manage to absorb into my skin after around 30 seconds of rubbing though. Also, it smells really good, much like a refreshing lemonade and certainly does provide a lovely cooling sensation. 

However, considering I do not have an inch of cellulite on my body and have a rather willowy figure, this product did nothing for me. I took before and after photos of my stomach and thighs, but there was no visible difference, hence why they are not posted here. I still maintain my skepticism of all slimming products. Even if the product did work, it is essentially a 'quick fix' and the effects would not last unless used daily. There is nothing that can replace a healthy diet and exercise in terms of 'slimming', however on the topic of cellulite reduction I honestly cannot provide a statement. 

Therefore, please check out the other Bntgirls for their experience with this product!

Purchase the Skinny Body Soda here.

Have you ever had any successful experiences with slimming or cellulite reduction products?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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Jaycee (Tekken Tag Tournament 2) Cosplay x FilmCraft!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

*Edit* First things first, you guys HAVE to watch this amazing cosplay video of Perth Supanova! I feature in it TWICE doing my epic lightning fast kicks (may or may not have had some help from the editing there hehe)! I am so happy with my feature!

Let me know what you think of the video in the comments!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting my Jaycee cosplay with the amazing Travis from FilmCraft! As I am new to the cosplay scene, I didn't know any cosplay photographers so I posted a photo of my costume in the WA Cosplayers Facebook group asking if any photographers wanted to shoot with me, and to my surprise, heaps of them answered my call! I chose Travis because his past event photography looked fantastic and also because he is is new to the cosplay scene too. I am so glad and thankful that I chose him because we ended up working so well together. It was so much fun and everything felt natural. It was a nerd match made in heaven!

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Find Travis here:
Insta: @travis_hoang

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Insta: @kim_kine

Travis had the vision of having me pose in a vivid meadow, to recreate the colourful fantasy scenes of the Tekken landscape. It just goes to show how different minds work because I could only think of having Jaycee in a wrestling ring! The photos turned out so beautiful and vibrant! Here are my favourites: 

FYI my form is thanks to Brian Mackie's Karate training.

The mask is my favourite part of the costume by far. I feel like a superhero when I wear it. I also love the pendant- I sculpted the turquoise stone out of clay!

Yanto was our assistant and the shoot would not have worked without him. He held a reflector almost the entire time to get the lighting perfect and is also responsible for the epic wig tossing. He was literally lying on the ground tossing dat wig at the speed of light!

This team is shooting my Jin cosplay (Samurai Champloo) this week, so follow me on Insta to get updates! We are also going to be shooting a mini music video. I cannot contain my excitement!  

Which is your favourite photo? What other settings can you imagine Jaycee in?

Born Pretty Purple Face Brush Set Review

Sunday, 28 June 2015

I am really excited to review this brush set from Born Pretty because they are my new favourite tools in my collection. I have never done a brush review on this blog before because previously, I only used a total of 4 brushes for my face- a flat top kabuki for my BB cream, a large fluffy powder brush, an angled contour brush for contouring and a smaller fluffy brush for blush application. I always talked myself out of purchasing new brushes because the ones I had did the job, plus brushes can be very expensive.

That is certainly not the case here as this whole set only costs $22.02 USD! I am fairly sure my one powder brush from MAC cost over $80 and that brush is scratchy (I'm serious!) compared to these babies.

Don't forget to use my code KIMH10 for 10% any full priced items from Born pretty!

The set contains:
1 Powder Brush
1 Round Brush
1 Flat/Stippling Brush
1 Tapered Brush
1 Angled Brush
The brushes are made of artificial fibres which are super duper soft and silky. Make sure to always give new brushes a wash with warm soapy water before using them. 

The handles are weighted in the black part and they feel lovely to hold and control. Plus the purple is such a pretty, vibrant shade! I noticed that one of the brushes was made unevenly and was not able to stand up on its base straight, but was tilted on an angle. This doesn't bother me as I store my brushes in a jar so they point all different directions anyway, but is something to keep in mind in case you are OCD and want to store these standing up!

Round Brush
This round brush has an oval dome shape and has very tightly packed, dense fibres. Personally, I love using this brush to contour my cheekbones and jawline- the tapered shape really allows me to chisel out my features perfectly! I recently used it in my male anime tutorial!

Powder Brush
This brush has a rounded dome shape and is again very densely packed. Despite this it is really soft and best used for a heavy handed application of powder, such as mineral makeup as it will give you full coverage. I find that I used this brush the least out of all of them because I wear a liquid base which requires only a light dusting of powder on top.

Stippling brush
This stippling brush is my new favourite for any liquid base! I have been using the famous Sigma F80 flat top brush for years and years and this has now replaced it. The white bristles are again, SO SOFT and waft across my skin like a unicorn's tail. Seriously, the sensation is amazing. Compared to this, my Sigma brush feels pokey and hard. It allows for high coverage, but I find I can gently buff the product into my skin without any flaking whereas the more abrasive texture of the Sigma brush makes any dry skin lift off my face and become a dreaded flake.

Love this brush!

Flat top brush
This brush is very similar to my Sigma F80, but softer with longer bristles. On days where my skin is not so flaky I tend to use this brush more. I use it as I would my F80- by patting the product into my skin for a high coverage look.

Angled flat top brush
I admit that I actually had to Google this type of brush to find out what its purpose is because I could not see how the angulation made it perform differently to a flat top brush. According to my research, it supposedly reaches into the difficult corners (around the nose) of the face better than a flat top would. I don't really notice too much of a difference in application, except that the bristles were a little more flexible due to the longer bristles. I still appreciate that I have another foundation brush on rotation when the others are dirty!

Overall, apart from the slight manufacturing error, I am so happy that I tried out this inexpensive and quality brush set. I have washed each brush twice so far and there has been absolute minimal shedding. The expensive MAC brush I mentioned before sheds like my Pika Pomeranian in Summer and sometimes I end up with up to 3 black bristles stuck on my face after I apply power! Unacceptable! The synthetic material of these brushes delivers a smooth, flawless application for the most part. I noticed that if my skin is oily before I put on my base, the stippling brush can leave brush marks. Hence my reason for using the denser brushes on those days, problem solved!

Get this brush set from Born Pretty here! I don't think you'll regret them, unless you already have a well rounded collection of high quality brushes. I get daily use out of the stippling brush and the round brush!

*These brushes were gifted for review, all opinions are 100% honest.

3CE Stylenanda Creamy Cheek Stick Review

Thursday, 25 June 2015

3CE is one of my absolute favourite Korean makeup brands for the superior quality of their products. Today's review is on their creamy cheek stick today thanks to Bntnews!

In the past if I had the choice between choosing a powder or cream blush, I would always pick powder because the application is so easy and I thought a cream blush would just slide around on my face. However I was pleasantly surprised at the texture and performance of this product.

This stick blusher has a creamy texture that perfectly melts onto the skin and presents a clear, long lasting color. The ‘real fitting powder’ contained in the formula helps the blush adhere to the skin in its purest hue. It applies without crumbling and comes in a practical stick type applicator great for touch ups throughout the day.

I received #PINK FACTORY which is described as a soft pink color that creates a 'lovely' girly look. The stick comes in 5 pastel, summery colours which are most suited to pale skin.

The casing is so chic! Matte black with a pop of pink showing the color of the blush. The lid pulls off and the blush twists up via the mechanism at the bottom.

The stick is so chubby and adorable looking. The thickness of it is a major plus, because it's very unlikely to break unless you twist up the blush to its limit.

When I pull the stick across my skin it tugs slightly and the formula really adheres to my face. It's only very slightly sticky to the touch and blends out the best using fingers- the warmth really helps with blending. An alternative method is to swipe a flat top dense brush across the stick and then buff it into your cheeks. The formula becomes dry to the touch within 1 minute. It does not emphasise dry skin at all and looks smooth and even.

I left the above swatch on my hand for 15 minutes before washing it off and to my surprise the water and soap just ran off the surface of the blush. I would say that this product is pretty much waterproof!

Tip: Apply the cream blush after your foundation and then lightly apply powder over the top to maximise your wear time.

The colour is a true baby pink that I can only just pull off with my darker skin tone. As with most blushes it turns more peachy after it sets due to my strong yellow undertones. Lately I have been dressing much more 'edgy', in true Stylenanda form! I love contrasting an edgy style with soft girly makeup.

As expected, the colour is extremely long lasting and does not fade or move around my face at all, even when I touch it! In fact my cheeks seemed less oily than normal at the end of the day in the area where I applied the blush. 

I have nothing negative to say about this blush. It exceeded my expectations as it is super easy to apply, did not budge all day and is waterproof! I always thought that cream blushes were greasy, would not last long and that they would come off if I touched my face during the day. I would recommend this blush for all skin types, especially oily ones! Due to the strong adherence of this product I find that it stays fresh for longer than a powder blush. How surprising!

You can buy this blush for $25 USD from the Stylenanda website which is expensive for you guys in the States and very average for us in Australia. If you prefer cream blushes to powder, this will be a fantastic addition to your collection!

Am I cream blush convert? Not yet, but I can see this blush making its way into my suitcase for my Bali holiday because it's compact and waterproof.

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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Forencos Selene Project Silk Mask Series Review

Monday, 22 June 2015

Since my skin has been acting up due to my raging hormones (I'm literally a teenager again), I have stayed away from using sheet masks in favour of a simple, mostly organic skincare routine using oils to cleanse and moisturise my skin. However, I decided that my skin was stable enough to start trying out some new skincare, so I joined Bntnews again after a long break. It's great to be back!

My first review is the Forencos Selene Project Silk Mask Series. The series contains 7 sheet masks intended to be used every day for one week, and is themed in accordance to Greek mythology- how's that for creativity?! 

The front of the pack has this pretty constellation on it which catches the light and glimmers! 

This series of masks translates the story between each day of the week and the Gods who are behind them. You are supposed to start on Tuesday with the detoxifying Volcanic Ash mask, but I like to live dangerously so I started on a Friday instead. 

I hope I didn't offend any Gods...

Tuesday: detox with Hephaestus
The weeks begins on a Tuesday with Hephaestus, god of metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. Jeju’s volcanic ashes eliminate dead skin cells and clean and contract pores.

Wednesday: moisture with Poseidon
The caviar extracts that Poseidon, god of the sea, gives to your skin has a similar texture with it in terms of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Moisturizes and increases collagen production.

Thursday: relax with Dryas
Australian indigenes were already using tea tree leaves to cure infectious diseases. Tea tree oil is amazing at calming and soothing the skin.

Friday: regenerating Midas 
24k pure gold treats wrinkles and helps blood circulation while delivering minerals. 

Saturday: eslastic Gaya 
Horse oil is similar with human sebum and helps control its secretion. It also contains ceramide for skin regeneration and elasticity. 

Sunday: illuminating Helios 
Pearl was loved by Cleopatra for its high mineral and amino acid concentration as well as for the bioactive substances it contains. Its reinforces skin’s immunity and acidity for a bright complexion.

Each mask has a small sachet of ampoule attached to it. Take note you are supposed to use the ampoule AFTER the volcanic ash mask and BEFORE the masks for the rest of the series.

The ampoule is the same throughout the week and it has a really thick and sticky glue-like texture that warms up when you rub it into your skin. There is a lot of product in the sachet, and I started using only half of it each day because there was just too much for my face. Strangely enough, it doesn't absorb into the skin at all and just sits on top of your skin for hours in a thick, shiny layer. I would recommend using these masks at night time before you go to bed for this reason. 

To be honest, I didn't enjoy using the ampoule with the masks, but you will see that the whole system made a visible difference to my skin in 1 week! 

The volcanic ash mask is soaked in a clay-type essence which draws impurities out from the skin. I left mine on for around 1.5 hours and it dried in some patches, but remained wet in others. The dry patches tugged at my skin when I peeled it off and my skin felt a bit dry afterwards. The sticky ampoule quickly fixed that problem though! 

I have to say that this is one of the more terrifying masks I have tried. The patchy brownish orange colour reminded me of 'the Thing' (from the Fantastic Four)! It is definitely a very unique mask!

The rest of the masks are a different story. Remember to use these after you have applied the ampoule. They are silky, thin and fit my face almost perfectly and almost look as if I am wearing nothing at all. The silk material allows you to easily smooth out any creases and air bubbles with your fingers. The essence is thin, hydrating and plentiful and it doesn't drip. Sometimes sheet masks can be too heavy and slip down my face but this is not a problem with these masks due to the lightness of the sheet and the strong adherence to my face. Strangely enough, all the masks had a very similar light and fresh smell despite having different ingredients. Your face will be beautifully moisturised afterwards!

I really enjoyed using these masks and looked forward to my treatment every night before bed! I was persistent and used 1 mask every day for 1 week to properly gauge the effect the series had on my skin.

Before you can see my problem areas were my forehead and chin. I have acne and scars. I'm comfortable with showing you guys my bare face with no editing at all- none of us are perfect. 

Here is the result after 1 week of using the masks, without any other changes in my skincare routine. I am fairly surprised myself as I couldn't really tell a difference from day to day during the week. My skin actually looks... Nice! The scars have faded significantly and it looks so dewy and more even! 

Overall, these masks are very effective for hydrating and evening out the skin. As an acne prone person, I can say that they did not break me out, although I can't speak for those with very sensitive skin. The series was extremely hydrating, and considering this, I would suggest that those with oily skin use the ampoule very sparingly. 

This was my first experience with a daily mask series and I have to say I am very impressed with the results! 

Have you guys tried a mask series before? Did you like it?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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Male Anime Makeup Tutorial (Jin Samurai Champloo Cosplay)

Sunday, 21 June 2015

This tutorial is something very new for me. But seeing as Perth Supanova is coming up, I decided to transform myself into a male anime character for the first time for my Jin cosplay! I sewed the yukata myself and it is a short female version of Jin's samurai uniform. I am getting a photoshoot in it this week, so stay tuned!

Jin is my absolute favourite character from Samurai Champloo because he's so stoic, honourable and er... hot. His English voice is to die for! If you haven't seen Samurai Champloo, please watch it, it's stunning. From the hip hop music to the Edo setting, not to mention the fight scenes, I just... There are no words to describe how good it is!

If anything, just watch this short compilation of Jin clips.

My intention was to create a female Jin, as if Jin had a twin sister. I may have just turned out looking like a boy though, so I am really quite confused haha. Jin, like most good-looking male anime characters has a sharp, angular face with a thin nose and perhaps his most defining feature is his angry, thin eyebrows. Because brooding ok. 

Hence, this tutorial can be adapted to most male anime characters with a tweak of the eye shape and eyebrows.

1. Start by inserting the appropriate colour circle lens for bigger, anime eyes. These are one of my favourite lenses and you can find my review here.

2. Conceal your eyebrows using the glue stick method. This MUCH easier said than done and I removed my abysmal attempts 3 times before I managed this. Follow this tutorial precisely.

3. Use a matte high coverage liquid foundation all over your face including your lips and set with powder. You want your skin to look flat and perfect. Take some scary snapchats.

4. Draw on your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil and set with a matching eyeshadow powder for a more natural effect. Jin's eyebrows are extremely angular and arched sharply at the ends. 

5. Contour under the eyebrows, in the inner eye sockets and down your nose using a matte brown shade. Blend the lines out with a finger, then apply a white highlight powder down the bridge of your nose.

6. Using a liquid eyeliner (do not use pencil, it will smudge!) draw on your eye shape when your eyes are open. Jin has trapezoid shaped eyes which are very defined on top. Please do this more neatly than I did.

You are aiming to subtly change your eye shape.

7. Line underneath the eye according to your character's eyes. I just placed a straight dash in the centre of my lower lash line. Use the same contour shadow on the outer lash line and inner 'eye bag' area to give the illusion of depth. 

Curl eyelashes slightly (you don't want them visible above the liner) and apply waterproof mascara.

8. Jin's lips are completely blanked out, so leave the lipstick and simply place a dash of contouring powder below your lower lip.

9. Using a small, dense brush and the same contouring powder, really chisel out the area underneath the cheek bones and draw a line directly on your jawline. This will make your face much more angular, although I can't recreate Jin's triangular chin! Practice your serious face.

10. Put on your wig, costume and in my case, glasses! 
Now frown for the camera!

Now for the ultimate question... Do I look like a boy or girl? Leave your answers down below!

I hope this tutorial helped out some of you. I had a lot of fun making it!

Happy cosplaying!