CROP Natural lipstick 'Spice' Review

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Some months ago I was gifted a wonderful parcel from CROP cosmetics and it is high time I review one of my favourite products from the bunch, the natural lipstick! The lipstick comes in 2 colours: Spice and Plum and retails for $18 AUD. I received Spice, a beautiful warm brownish nude, perfect for my skin tone.

CROP cosmetics are available in Australia at Coles and the last time I checked in my local store, some items were on sale! The natural lipstick is 100% naturally derived, cruelty free and dermatologically tested for your sensitive lips, not to mention this long list of "no's":

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that all items are made in Italy, which is synonymous with quality.

For a brand sold at Coles, the packaging is impressive. The tube is lightweight and matte black with a clear accent on the bottom. As you can see, the lipstick has been well used in these past months!

As soon as I uncapped the lid, I knew this colour was right for me. It's a brownish, brick nude that suits my medium warm skin perfectly! The formula is also a winner as it contains oil and wax, giving it a thick, balmy texture which I favour. It's also highly pigmented giving me perfect pouty lips in one swipe. You guys know I cannot wear lip products that are even slightly drying because I have naturally dry flaky lips so I'm pleased to say that this is definitely a hydrating formula. It wears for around 3 hours on me and fades gracefully and does not make my lips get gummy and peel (gross I know). The shade allows me to easily reapply it without a mirror.

This shade is the perfect darker natural nude and completes any neutral or smokey eye look, making me look professional and put together for every day use. It also makes my lips look bigger and fuller as well as de-emphasises all my creases. I even wore it in my battle Pocahontas photoshoot, as it is very fitting for a native warrior princess!

This natural lipstick is my absolute favourite nude right now due to the thick, hydrating formula and flattering shade. The naturally derived ingredients list and cruelty-free policy is an added bonus! I would recommend 'Spice' for medium to dark skin tones, and I want to pick up 'Plum' the next time I'm at Coles.

You can get these lippies online at Crop for $18. Unfortunately there's a flat rate shipping of $9.95 within Australia, so I suggest getting them in store.

*This item was gifted and I chose to review it of my own accord, all opinions are 100% honest.

[APOLOGY] Klenspop SIO Lizzy Amber lens Review

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I made a huge mistake in my last review and I am so embarrassed and sorry to my wonderful sponsors at Klenspop and to everyone who read my last review on the SIO Lizzy Amber lens. I made a mistake and copied the photos to the wrong folder on my computer, so the lenses I reviewed were NOT the Lizzy Amber. This is what happens when you take too long to review a product, especially circle lenses which can look similar! So again, I am so sorry for the misinformation and I hope you will forgive me :(.

For 10% off any full priced lens, please use code: KINE KSGK1SV1

The real SIO Lizzy Amber lens is made by the Brand Belmore and is manufactured in South Korea. I have reviewed the Von Naturale Grey lens from Belmore before.

Diameter 14.2mm
Graphic Diamater 13.6mm
BC 8.7mm
6 months expiry
Water content 45%

Here are the promotional images of the Lizzy Amber lens from Klenspop:

The lenses look quite red in the promotional images, but I find them to be a little more on the hazel side, but still warm toned.

The lenses are extremely thin, possible the thinnest circle lens I have encountered. I know this because they kept flipping inside out when I was trying to insert them. The pattern has a very clear edge which radiates towards the middle, giving a nice gradient pattern. The lenses give off a very wide eyed, shiny cute look!

These photos were taken of my right eye, where lenses always slip down my eyeball. This makes the edges of my real eyes very visible through the lens which is unfortunate.

As you can see, it is very obvious that I am wearing lenses because my real irises are small and dark and this lens is very translucent. Unfortunately, I find the slippage in my right eye more prominent than other circle lenses and I think this is because the lens is so thin. This results in some foggy vision on the right when I move my eyes around because I can see the edges of the lens. 

Comfort-wise, these are fantastic though and I could happily wear them for 8 hours straight. If only they were more opaque and natural looking! If you have light coloured eyes, I think these lenses would be a much better match!

Get them for $30 from Klenspop.

*These lenses were gifted for review. All my opinions are 100% honest.

Too Cool for School Glossy Blaster 'Dinky Pink' Tint Review

Friday, 25 September 2015

I loved the Too Cool for School Glossy Blaster Tints for their hydration, bright pop of colour and longevity, so I was very happy to receive a full size version of 'Dinky Pink', a colour that I hadn't tried before! I recommend reading my thoughts on the product here, as this post is just going to be a recap and swatch of the new colour.

"A new-concept 3rd generation tint made of ‘Too Cool For School’s own golden ratio at 30% water and 70% oil. It maintains moisturized and bright lips all day thanks to its luster and durability that colors the lips more clearly when applied more and more"- Bntnews

The packaging is adorable as I have come to expect from TCFS.

Dinky Pink is a hot pink, almost fuchsia colour which is made a bit more wearable thanks to the glossiness and slight translucency of the formula. Wearing hot pinks such as this make me feel like I'm channeling a Kpop star!

I usually don't think hot pinks suit me very well- I'm much of a coral/orange lip kind of girl, but this particular shade and glossy finish worked well with my tanned complexion! I have even been brave enough to wear it to Uni twice and have received compliments on how 'radiant' and 'young' I looked!

This shade and product is a huge win for me and retains the title of my favourite Korean lip tint because of the hydrating and long lasting formula. It also comes in 6 shades so I'm sure you can find one to suit you!

I have now tried all of them except for Posh Coral and my favourites have to be Merry Tangerine and Dinky Pink. I do like Chic Red, but it's quite bold for every day use so I don't reach for it often. 

You can buy the TCFS Glossy Blaster tints for $8 a piece on Koreadepart or Ebay!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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3CE Stylenanda Long Wear Eye Crayon Review

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hurrah for 3CE products! They very rarely disappoint, so even though I don't usually use crayon products on my eyes, I was more than happy to give this one a try. The crayon comes in 7 shades, all in the neutral range.

I received the shade Juggling, which is a bright, bronzey-orange. I would also love to try Adorable as an under eye highlight and Get Low for a one shadow smokey eye look. 

The crayon applies smoothly, without any tugging on the skin and has such a beautiful glimmery, satiny finish that is quite hard to capture in photos. When it catches the light at different angles it gives off different colours. With Juggling, the shade transitions from a lighter rose gold to a darker orange bronze which is super pretty!

When I apply it on my eyes, the colour comes out less pigmented than my hand swatch because I naturally apply the product with less pressure. It ends up being a super natural and girly coral colour that always reminds me of Pony! Here I simply applied the crayon over my eye lids and the outer third of my lower lash line and blended the edges with my finger. The ease of application with this creamy crayon product surprised me as I had it in my head that pan shadows were easiest to apply! I now stand corrected. 

I feel very naturally pretty and radiant when I wear this crayon by itself with just a lick of eyeliner, falsies and a lashing of mascara on the bottom. On me, it stays the whole day and is indeed waterproof- however I never really have issues with shadows creasing because of my dry skin. 

As always, this 3CE product is a win! You can buy it from the Stylenanda website for $17 USD, which is worth it. 

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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Amaranth Vibrant Shimmering CC Cream Review

Monday, 21 September 2015

I always get excited when I review a new base product, especially BB or CC creams as I'm looking for my new Holy Grail as my previous favourite (Etude House Bright Fit BB cream) got discontinued. I am very familiar with Amaranth's smoothing face cream as I have received it 3 times before from Bntnews, and I still use that product as a primer!

This high-adherence three-function correction cream does makeup and skincare at the same time. It deeply nourishes skin while hyaluronic acid and mistletoe leaf keeps it moisturized all day long. It also contains peony root extracts for a lively complexion. 

"This is an all-in-one calibrating cream which make up at once by the excellent absorption to the skin" is not the best description.

The CC Cream is slightly smaller than the Smoothing cream and I must say that the packaging is stunning. I love the shiny deep red of the CC cream!

I think you all know what I'm going to say. But seriously, does anyone have skin this pale?! The cream itself is thick and creamy and very similar to Missha's famous Perfect Cover BB cream, which I absolutely loved. It also smells very fresh and floral. The cream takes some effort to blend out and it  feels hydrating, however has a slight tendency to stick to any dry areas. This effect is reduced when I set it with powder though and staying power is great on my dry skin. I do think this will separate on oily skin due to the sheer thickness of the cream.

The colour is just like an old school grey toned BB cream, which is super light and quite unnatural looking. I didn't notice any oxidising to anything close to my skin tone either.

The only way I can get away with using this cream is to use it over my T zone as an attempt to use it as a highlight colour, whilst I use a darker base on the outside of my face. The bases inevitably end up blending together though, making my face several shades too pale, even compared to my neck! In the photo above I am even wearing bronzer as an attempt to 'darken' my face to match my body better, but I still look ill.

If this CC cream came in a shade match, I would reach for it daily because I love the coverage and texture for my dry skin.

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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Ugarden Perfect Oil Firming Mask Review

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The last mask set I reviewed from Bntnews was the Forencos Selene Silk mask project  which had great results on my skin, so I was happy to receive another mask pack to review!

The Ugarden firming oil mask consists of 2 steps: a facial oil and then a face and neck mask. The facial oil focuses on treating dry skin to moisturize and nourish without stickiness. The mask is made of silky cellulose for excellent adherence and transparence. You are to apply the sheet right after the oil and leave for 15~20 minutes.

The packs come with different oils such as olive, camellia and bio oil. I received the bio oil version.

I have used bio oil years ago and found it a better moisturiser for my body than my face. Bio oil is famous for treating stretch marks, scars and dehydrated skin.

The sachet contains a very generous amount of oil and I do not recommend using all of it on your face because it is simply too much! I gave my elbows and knees a treat instead.

I apologise for this scary picture, but the mask fit is horrendous! I consider myself to have a large forehead, but it seems as though this mask is catered towards neanderthal brows! The mask is soaked with essence which is usually a great thing, but the forehead 'frill' meant that a mixture of oil and essence got into my hair, making it greasy at the front for the rest of the day. 

The neck mask is new to me, and I like the idea of treating your neck too as I often neglect mine, however it slid off my neck multiple times which was annoying.

I felt like an orang-utan with all that extra face.

When I removed the mask, my bare skin looked great, all shiny with bio oil which didn't absorb into my skin well at all. When I put makeup on, the oil prevented it from sticking to my face and all the products slid around, forming a cakey mess as you see above. At the end of the day, I removed my makeup and was horrified to find that my forehead was littered with superficial clogged pores, all from 1 use of this mask combined with daily makeup. 

This mask was a fail for me and I would not recommend it, unless you have mature skin that is not at all prone to acne!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

This shampoo is by far my favourite out of the 3 shampoos I have reviewed by Korean brand Daeng Gi Meori, courtesy of Bntnews. To refresh your memory: the Oriental shampoo was drying and I was allergic to the Ja Dam Hwa shampoo.

The shampoo promises hair protection + scalp care and delivers energy and vitality to hair and scalp through Chinese Medicine issued ingredients such as white ginseng, cynanchum, coix, Russian iris and pomegranate. It further moisturizes dry scalps with aloe extracts and avocado oil and leaves a refreshing feeling with menthol. The creamy foam created by a natural surfactant gently eliminates wastes on scalp and is silicone-free and dermatologically tested.

The bottle states that the shampoo is for oily scalp types, which initially extinguished my hopes as I have a dry, sensitive, sometimes flaky scalp.

The packaging utilises modern typography with a clean colour scheme for an overall minimalistic look which really reminds of Neutrogena's packaging.

Another feature I like is the broad lid which allows you to store the shampoo upside down in its last legs.

The shampoo is a clear gel consistency and the scent is my favourite of the 3! It has a mild smell, but is quite zesty and doesn't really smell 'herbal' or 'oriental' to me. It lathers into a super dense and soft foam and when rinsed out, my hair actually feels soft and silky, not rough like it usually does after shampoo! I was quite amazed by this as this never happens, not even with my usual favourite LUSH solid shampoos. My scalp is left feeling refreshed and clean although I don't notice any tingling. 

Most importantly, I had no adverse reactions to this formula! 

My verdict is that this shampoo works for dry, sensitive scalp types too, smells great and leaves my hair hydrated and soft. By far the best liquid shampoo I have ever tried and it honestly gives my LUSH solid shampoos a run for their money. It keeps the oils at bay too and I have been able to leave my hair for 3 days without washing!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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